[from Southern Italian idiom: to heal the heart]


Sanacori is a versatile and vibrant music ensemble  reinterpreting traditional songs from Italy and the Mediterranean (Albania, Greece, Spain).

Tastefully combining traditional and contemporary elements to their performances with soulful singing and storytelling.

Songs of love and longing, resistance and rebellion, with passion and cheekiness, elemental traits of Italian attitude and culture.


Sanacori are:


Rosa Voto: vocals, tamburello, whistle, dance

Phil Carroll: accordion, ciaramella, flute and nay

Renato Vacirca: drums, percussions , vocals, guitar


Sanacori's performances  can also be accompanied by the vibrant and energetic Melbourne School of Tarantella Dance Troupe for an irresistible dance experience both to watch and, of course, dance!

Listen to Sanacori's debut album HERE.












Sanacori Debut Album is available as digital download on Bandcamp or contact us to purchase the CD!
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