The Project will consist of 6 sessions/workshops in which the participants will be presented a number of play and art activities including dance, music, visual arts lead by professional artists and art educators.

(See the post on Project Team)

Each session will go for 2 hours with break and snack provided. Every Saturday morning from 10 am to 12 am starting on Saturday 5th of May, finishing on Saturday 9th of June.

The project will entirely take place at Siteworks, 33 Saxon Street Brunswick, in Workroom 2.

We will also be looking at organising an open show/performance where the participants will be sharing with the community their experiences in a creative way.

Please note that this performance will not be the focus of the project, but just a way to raise awareness with non participants of the benefits of connecting through art and play with one another and to understand how play can lead to art making.

The dates for the project are:

Saturday 5th of May

Saturday 12th of May

Saturday 19th of May

Saturday 26th of May

Saturday 2nd of June

Saturday 9th of June

There will be a presentation night where the project Team will explain more about the process and the level of commitment involved on Saturday 28th May at 11 am at Siteworks, 33 Saxon street, Brunswick.

The project is supported by Moreland City Council.