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Weekly Classes


Weekly classes are held on WEDNESDAY evenings  at SITEWORKS, 33 Saxon street, Brunswick.

Beginners class run intermittently. Please check news box

Advanced class 7:10pm Workroom 2

Classes are inclusive, relaxed and fun.

You will learn the steps of the most common dances

from Puglia, Calabria and Campania, their history, evolution, and application to modern life.

In each dance we encourage you to express

your personality and attitude and celebrate this rich tradition!


Classes go for one hour and costs $25.  

Upfront full term payment is discounted.




School Workshops and Shows


 Our school workshops cater for primary and secondary students and are a FUN way to encourage curiosity and openess towards other cultures and folk dancing.


Students will learn the historical and cultural background of the Tarantella and an easy exciting dance routine accessible even to those hard to get moving!


We also present music and dance shows that will take you for a journey through the South of Italy, its history and traditions.





Community dance workshops



When we dance together, in a circle, our individuation opens up and we find ourselves belonging to a community and we find there's a richness we can only experience in a group. This way we, together, elaborate an answer to the solitude of the global citizen.


Whether is a community festival, celebration or a corporate event whishing to strenghten connection and communication; our workshops can enhance that feeling of belonging and trust we all thrive for.


A fun, active and stimulating experience open to all ages, genders and cultural bakground.